to kill a mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird

                The inspiring story of To Kill a Mockingbird was a great story for me to read because it made me pay attention the whole time I was reading it.  The Finch family, which consisted of Atticus the father, Jem, and Scout, the narrator of the story, made the story very interesting due to all of their obstacles throughout the story.  Atticus is a lawyer in the fictional book To Kill a Mockingbird that is forced to help Tom Robinson win his case of raping a white woman.  Tom Robinson was a good black man that was only accused of one violence crime.  To make that up he had to do chores for Mayella Ewell.  Towards the end of the story after Tom Robinson’s sentence he was shot and killed, I believe that this event was a major part of the story, considering that he did not rape Mayella Ewell.  This shows that even though he was innocent, black men were still treated unfairly.

                To Kill a Mockingbird shows and explains that maturity is very important when growing up as a young kid.  I liked how Scout went very in depth when describing the incident when she and Jem got attacked on the way home from the Halloween pageant (262-264). I really enjoyed how I felt that I was really there when reading that part of the story.  This made me wonder if Bob Ewell was against black men, considering that he attacked the kids of Atticus that was defending a black man in the trial. I feel that one of the turning points of the story is when Jem started to mature into a young boy.  This was addressed when Jem found a roly-poly and didn’t allow Scout to kill it. “It hasn’t done anything to you (238-239)!” Before the end of the book Jem could have cared less about the roly-poly, but due to Atticus’s and Calpurnias help to help Jem become mature it allowed him to make a drastic change of how he carried himself at the end of the story. 

                As a young boy I really could relate to Jem because of how he carried himself as a young boy. Both Jem and I love to have a good time, and mess around with our peers.  He and Scout remind me of my step sister Sara and I, I was always the one that messed around and made for a good time, on the other hand she was always on the boring side, which relates with Scout.  Harper Lee does a great job at explaining Jem and Scouts life, to where I could compare my life as a young boy to the life of Jem and Scout. 

                Like many slow stories, To Kill a Mockingbird took a long time to get to the climax of the story.  This made the book somewhat hard to read in my opinion because at parts of the story it was just Scout talking about her and Jem’s life.  On the other hand I felt that Scout did a great job of describing and explaining what was going on throughout the story, but in many parts I felt as if the story dragged on a little bit in between each event. 

                Even though I had a hard time fully understanding the story, I really enjoyed the moral of the story; I believe that it had an impact on my learning.  It allowed me to reflect to what I was learning in class.  As I keep reading the story I always thought about how much of an impact Tom Robinson had on the story.  I think that the trial and his death showed the city of Maycomb that he was a good man and the he really did not rape Mayella Ewell.  I wouldn’t read this book on my own time because of the lack of action and Humor, but if I were a teacher I would teach this book due to the life lesson it provides to the reader.

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