My step sister Sara, my step brother Nathan, and my step dad Jeff and my mom and I were on a cruise with all our cousins from Ohio. I was in the third grade and it was my second cruise I’d ever been on. The ship we were on was the Voyger of the seas, at the time it was the biggest ship on the sea.  To me that was the coolest thing that has ever happened to me as a child.  The ship seemed to be like a city, but on water.  As a child i watched millions of videos of towers, cars, and ships.  All my other childhood friends never watched all the stuff, i obviously did.  But while we were on the cruise there were endless amounts of things to do. There was a full size movie theater, three huge pools with the ships logo at the bottom, a mall to go shopping and a put-put course, and awsome rooms.  My sister and i talked about pulling a prank on my brother Nathan when he arrived to the room. I came up with the best idea ever.  It was fun, funny, fragile, and everything in between. My sister and I were going to put baby blue shaving cream in a glass cup that one of our chocolate shakes came in and tell him it was a blue raspberry smoothie.  When he walked in i acted like I was drinking it.

“Nathan, you want a drink?”

“What is it?” he asked laughing.

“i just ordered from room service, it’s a blue raspberry smoothie,” I said.

“Ya sure I will try it,” he said.

As i watched him put the cup to his mouth ki tried so hard to keep the smile of my face, i did a pretty good job at it.  Usally when I do somthing to my brother I spoil it by laughing and the prank doesnt come through.  As the so called blue raspberry smoothie went into his mouth and down his throat I started to get a bad feeling about the idea since he was only sever years old. As he swallowed the drink my mind turned into a racing rollercoaster, because I knew he was proabley going to through up. As he finished his drink, he looked up at me and gave me the dirtiest look I have ever got.  His eyes boomed at me like a ton of dynamite exploding in my face.  I was so scared that I could of wet five pairs of pants.  I would never do somthing like that again, because next time my mom and step dad would probably find out.

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