Bernice Bobs Her Hair

The short story Bernice Bobs Her Hair is about two teenage female cousins that are are on two seprate worlds.  At the beginning of the story Marjorie is ten times more popular than her cousin Bernice.  Bernice is one of those girls that only know how to talk to themselves.  She doesnt know how to properly intacrt with men.  As the story goes on Merjorie teaches Bernice the proper way to talk to men.  As it turns out, that helped Bernice more than she could of dreamt.

What i liked about the short story is that it shows and explains how peer pressure can affect the lives of of teenage kids.  Bernice never wanted to get her hair bobbed, but her cousin Marjorie pressured her into doing it.  However i didnt like how i couldnt relate or make any type of connections to the story so therefore is was hard for me to understand. 

For me the most changelling part of the story to understand was why at the end of the story when Bernice got her hair bobbed everyone turned on her.  I didnt understand because before that all the guys started too really like her.  If i were a Teacher of a ninth grade class, i would not teach this story again.  i feel that not very many students can relate to it. i would want my students to be able to make daily life connections to the story, in which it would be easier for then to understand.  When I think of this story i think of my mom and her mom.  they are so much different i have a hard time thinking thats her mom.  “Bernice Bobs Her Hair” is a good story for female cousins to read, however for teenage guys its not the most interesting story to work with.

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