Follow the athlete’s burden

Follow the athlete’s burden

Never give up,

use your mental toughness,

never play as a little pup.


Follow the athlete’s burden,

sweat and bleed due to the hard work,

Have all the confidence,

Dont be a jerk.


Follow the athlete’s burden

have the drive to win,

no matter if you’re bad or good,

Its not always bad to be cheap, its not a sin.


Follow the athlets’s burden,

chase your dream,

Have a goal in what ever  you do,

Be loyal to your team.


Follow the athlete’s burden,

Dont be afarid to make a mistake,

use them as a road to better things,

It may cause terrible aches.


Follow the athlete’s burden,

Be ready to fight,

No matter whom it is,

Never put your head down, there is always that bright light.


Follow the athlete’s burden,

always play smart,

You never know who is watching,

Playing like a champion is  a fine art.



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