A bitter memory

My bitter memory is one that will haunt me forever.  Ever since I was a little boy my mom and Dad always told me not to itch myself no matter how bad it itched.  But as it turns out I didnt listen.  Due to my eczema i always have an itch.  During my 8th grade year i got really sick.  My parents and i didnt know what it was for a month and a half.  So when i stated to get really bad back pains and chills we decied to go to the hosptial.  The doctors did a few tests, and told us that I had a staph infection growing in my spine.  Due to that i had very very bad back pains, in which they put me on vicoden.  As i sat in that hosptial for five gruling days i sat and thought to myself why didnt I listen to my parents.  After that horrible experience I dont itch myslef narly as much.

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